Where to go in Greece in October

On this episode, George and Maria, talk about some great destinations you can visit in Greece in October for a cheeky getaway. Tune in to learn more! And if you have some destinations you think should have been included on this list, get in touch and who knows.... we might come back with a part 2!

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Greek songs mentioned on the episode:


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There are 227 inhabited Greek Islands, which one will YOU visit next?


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How to choose which Greek Island to visit

To support the show, for ad free episodes and exclusive content sign up here.On this episode, George and Maria provide tips on how to decide which island to visit in Greece. Greek phrase shared on the episode: Which island(s) should we go to in the summer?: Se poió nisí na páme to kalokaíri?/ Se poiá nisiá na páme to kalokaíri? (In Greek: Σε ποιό νησί να πάμε το καλοκαίρι;/ Σε ποιά νησιά να...