A podcast on Greece, Cyprus and the region brought to you by The Hellenic American Leadership Council and Kathimerini. Hosted by Thanos Davelis.

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Diplomatic incident puts spotlight on Athens-Tripoli relations

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias’ planned visit last week to Tripoli, Libya, to meet the head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, ended before it even started when the Tripoli-based government’s foreign minister Najla Mangoush, who signed an illegal energy exploration deal with Turkey, that tried to force a meeting at the airport. Dendias refused to meet Mangoush, and without exiting...

Greece's energy ambitions: Electricity cables, renewables and pipelines

Prime Minister Mistotakis’ recent participation at COP27 in Egypt and the latest announcements by Greece that it is exploring for hydrocarbons at sea have put a renewed focus on energy in the Eastern Mediterranean, specifically Greece’s role as a key energy player. Greece’s gas ambitions, as the Prime Minister spelled out at COP27, are just a part of the broader picture as key investments in...

Big winners in the US midterms: The Greek-American community and Hellenic interests

While votes are still being counted following last Tuesday’s midterm elections in the US, there are a few things we can say with certainty. The anticipated Republican “red wave” failed to materialize, Democrats will hold the Senate, meaning Senator Menendez will remain Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Greek American and Philhellenic candidates across the country had a...

Erdogan's network of clientelism, the economic crisis, and the upcoming elections

Turkey’s worsening economic crisis has eroded President Erdogan’s popularity ahead of elections in 2023, threatening to oust him from power for the first time in two decades. Yet a large number of voters continue to support him despite his role in creating the crisis. During his twenty years in power Erdogan has developed widespread patronage networks and built clientelistic relationships that...

#HeSaysAttack: US Supreme Court rejects Turkey's bid to shut down lawsuits from attack at Sheridan Circle

Today we’re heading to Washington, DC, where the US Supreme Court recently turned down Turkey's bid to dismiss 2 lawsuits against it filed by demonstrators in the now infamous attack by Turkish President Erdogan’s bodyguards that took place at Sheridan Circle in 2017. Andreas Akaras, an attorney from the firm Bregman, Berbert, Schwartz & Gilday, LLC who also represents the anti-Erdogan...

Spotlight on Libya: The UN mission, Turkey's destabilizing role, and Greece

The UN Security Council recently extended the mandate of the UN mission to Libya – known as UNSMIL – for another year, a move welcomed by Greek diplomats. This decision puts the spotlight on the situation in Libya, where the Tripoli government seems to be giving Turkey a blank check as we’ve seen with the recent illegal Turkish-Libyan MoU on energy exploitation and Ankara’s increasing military...