The battle over SYRIZA and Mitsotakis’ effort to set a new agenda

A new political season has kicked off in Greece this month as voters went to the polls to elect a new leader for Greece’s main opposition party, SYRIZA, on Sunday, while Prime Minister Mitsotakis outlined his government’s priorities at the Thessaloniki International Fair in the wake of the devastating wildfires in August and the deadly floods in Thessaly. Amid these developments, voters are also preparing for local elections which are on the horizon. Yannis Palaiologos, a journalist at-large with Kathimerini, joins Thanos Davelis to look at the new political season unfolding in Greece, from the battle over the future leadership of SYRIZA to the Mitsotakis government’s efforts to set a new agenda in the wake of wildfires and floods.

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SYRIZA: Kasselakis, Achtsioglou headed to a runoff

SYRIZA’s Kasselakis, Achtsioglou urge voters to return for runoff next Sunday

PM emphasizes reforms in TIF keynote speech

Mitsotakis says no reshuffle ahead

Fredi Beleri’s request for release rejected once again

Erdoğan threatens to ‘part ways’ from EU after critical European Parliament report

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